Japan interested in Casinos

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After seeing the immense success that Macau has experienced in the casino gaming world, politicians in Japan are now interested in offering some casinos of their own. The only hurdle is to reverse the anti-gambling laws that have existed in the country for decades.

Unfortunately, this will be no easy task because the anti-gambling laws were originally put in place because the Japanese feared gambling would increase organized crime throughout the country. Furthermore, the rewards of casino gaming were never seen as something that would be worth the organized crime risks.

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However, the recent earthquake in Japan has begun to change some minds in the country because the Japanese government is looking for creative ways to bring in relief money. After all, the casinos would not only bring in extra revenue, but the tourism industry would also benefit from more visitors.

The current plan on the table is for the anti-gambling laws to be lifted, and for companies to be allowed to build resort-style casinos that would include restaurants, shopping malls, hotels, gaming tables and slot machines. According to a 2009 study, the current proposal would enable Japanese casinos to pull in over $40 billion a year. More importantly, the government would get a nice piece of this revenue in taxes.

There are already plenty of major casino companies interested in building in Japan too with the Las Vegas Sands and Wynn Resorts leading the charge. Both companies would be more than willing to invest a fortune into building resort-style casinos in Japan, seeing as how the Land of the Rising Sun has the world’s third largest economy. But as mentioned before, the biggest step will be getting the current laws repealed that block casino-building efforts.

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