Italian Gambler fighting to keep Online Slots Jackpot

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One great thing about online slots is that plenty of players have won massive slots jackpots and become rich. For example, a 20-year-old Norwegian student recently won an €11.7 million ($15.77 million) jackpot while playing a slots game.

Italian Brno Venturi was hoping to join this record-holder in the big winner’s circle after hitting a jackpot and earning several other big wins that collectively totaled £650,000 ($1 million). What’s truly amazing about Venturi’s run is that he started with only £17 ($26). Unfortunately for him, this amazing streak of luck may not have been that amazing after all.

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The casino where he won the massive windfall is claiming that none of the Italian’s wins over a three-and-a-half hour period counted. Instead, they say there was a software glitch that only charged Venturi for one out of every six bets. So out of the 6,670 total wagers he placed, only about 1,110 of them counted. Due to the software error, it was inevitable that the pet shop owner would win big.

Apparently, Venturi was aware that something strange was going on as he said, “I realized the amount that I was winning and I realized that I had to stop. I had been lucky enough. I am only human.” He added, “I was taken by the emotions and there was a lot of euphoria. I’ve never had so much money. It’s a very big win – it’s not something that happens every day.”

Despite knowing that his wins were the result of unusual circumstances, Venturi still thinks that he’s entitled to the online slots fortune. Of course, the casino is on the opposite end of the spectrum since they’re refusing to pay any of the winnings out. This being the case, both sides have been battling over this matter in Italian courtrooms. And while it’s doubtful that Venturi will get all of his winnings, he could have a shot at getting some of the money.

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