Irish Woman wins $408k Jackpot while playing Online Slots

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It seems like we see a big online slots jackpot won at least once every month. And this month was no exception either as an Irish woman going by the screen name “Jayleigh76″ hit a $408k jackpot at PKR.

The Donegal native has her boyfriend to thank for the huge win too since he introduced her to online slots just last year. In that time, she’s been playing slots at various online casinos while hunting for a huge payout. And that payout came when she bet just $0.20 on the winning spin. She talked about her good fortune by saying the following:

I really can’t explain how I was feeling. I was shaking and kept saying to my partner “did that really happen?” I kept checking my balance, it was so surreal seeing the amount of money in my account. I phoned my family straight after I won and we partied till the early hours. They are over the moon for us.

Interestingly enough, Jayleigh76 had her internet connection interrupted while the money was moving from the game into her account. Luckily, the connection problem didn’t have any disastrous effects on her $408,479 windfall. Upon finally realizing how much money she’d won, the mother broke down into tears of joy.

Now Jayleigh76 will get to do many things that she couldn’t do in the past because of money constraints. She discussed this by telling media members the following:

The first thing I’ll be doing is taking my children to Disneyland. They have been asking since they were little and my answer has always been same. Finally now I can..The children’s’ Christmas lists have definitely got a lot longer, that’s for sure. It’ll be nice to have a Christmas where I’m not stressed, which will be a first.

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