Irish Illusionist to reveal how he beat Vegas Roulette for $1 Million

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Winning $1 million in roulette sounds like a pipe dream to most people. But for illusionist David Meade, this became a reality when he beat a Las Vegas casino out of $1 million. And the incredible thing is that Meade plans on sharing his secret with the world very soon.

Performed for a TV special dubbed “David Meade: Million Dollar Man,” the show is set to run on BBC One Northern Ireland on Monday, December 15th. It is here where the famed illusionist will reveal how he toppled a game that many have tried to beat, but few have succeeded.

Little is known on his winning technique as of now. As the Belfast Telegraph reports, he traveled back and forth from Northern Ireland to Vegas for 18 months while trying to test his mental abilities and roulette probability theories. And as Meade explains, there was more on the line here than just beating a fun casino game:

“I don’t know if it was bravery or stupidity or a bit of both in equal measure and while I was absolutely certain it could work, I wasn’t certain it would work. My whole career was depending on it and not just my TV career – I do a lot of motivational work with some of the biggest companies in the world. My reputation would have been in tatters if I hadn’t cracked it.”

Aside from explaining the stakes, which included his career and reputation, Meade also discussed the significance of him beating the Vegas casino. “It is a world first. Every mentalist out there has tried it but no one has ever done it before,” he said. “I spoke to every famous mentalist there is before I went and every one of them said they didn’t believe it could be done.”

Unfortunately, Meade had to give the $1 million back since the casino only accepted his play for the sake of the TV special. However, he feels prouder of his accomplishment than he feels sad for having to return the fortune.

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