Irish Footballer Niall McNamee: “I lost €200k gambling”

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With fame and fortune, some professional athletes like to hit the casino and blow off some steam. But perhaps Irish footballer Niall McNamee has had a little too much fun at casinos because he recently admitted to losing over €200,000 due to his gambling addiction.

The Gaelic football star, who’s best known for his career with Rhode GAA, recently blogged about his “illness” and how he lost a small fortune through casino games. McNamee writes that everything started when he was in Australia for the O’Byrne cup.

The footballer left his brother and their friend at a bar so he could go back and get some sleep. On his way back to the hotel, McNamee stopped at the Crown Casino. He sat down to play some roulette and used the last $100 in his wallet to do so. Before long, McNamee had turned his small $100 bankroll into $6k thanks to some great luck.

Unfortunately, he wouldn’t hold on to the $6k for long because he quickly lost it; then he managed to lose another $1k that he’d taken out of the bank machine. Since that time, McNamee has continued to gamble large amounts of money with disastrous results. Here’s one except about the matter in his blog post:

I would estimate that I lost around €200,000 through gambling, but if I had access to €1,000,000 I would have lost all that as well. If someone can’t afford to lose €10 in a bookies but places the bet anyway, well then they have the same problem I had. The money isn’t the issue, the fact that we can’t walk those extra 15 metres to get out of the casino, that’s the issue.

In conclusion, McNamee wrote that he used gambling as an escape. And he hopes that anybody who’s also suffering from gambling addiction will use his story to draw strength by knowing that they’re not alone.

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