Iowa Casino sued over $42m Slots Jackpot

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Last summer, 87-year-old Pauline McKee thought that she’d become a multi-millionaire after hitting a $41.8 million slots jackpot at Isle Casino in Waterloo, Iowa. The Miss Kitty slot machine the American was playing began ringing and flashing, thus indicating that she’d won the aforementioned huge prize.

Casino officials came over to validate the win and make sure that McKee had actually won the jackpot. Unfortunately, officials delivered some bad news when they told the Illinois woman that she hadn’t really won the nearly $42 million slots jackpot. Instead, they pointed that she was playing a penny slots game where the top jackpot was only worth $10,000. Furthermore, they said the Miss Kitty machine had a malfunction that caused it to display a massive jackpot.

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Both Gaming Laboratories International and the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission investigated the almost-win by McKee, and their research backed up what Isle Casino officials had initially declared: a communication board error led to the falsely declared multi-million dollar jackpot win.

Not surprisingly, Pauline McKee isn’t quite satisfied with Isle Casino’s explanation of why she didn’t really win the $41.8m prize. She’s hired an attorney named Steve Enochian, and they’re preparing to take this case to trial. The grounds of their case contend that the Isle of Capri Casinos company is guilty of consumer fraud and breach of contract for failing to update the Miss Kitty slots game.

This is not the first time that a slots player has missed out on a huge slots jackpot due to a machine malfunction. Last summer also saw Austria’s Behar Merlaku denied a €43 million slots prize after Casino Bregenz deemed that his win was the result of a software malfunction. Just like McKee, Merlaku is also taking his case to court.

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