Casino makes Big Mistake, decides to award $1m to Two Men

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So many times we hear of casinos trying to withhold a jackpot from players over some technical or software error. That’s why a recent story involving the Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati stands out because they made a big mistake, then decided to award two players with $1 million jackpots.

The Horseshoe Casino is currently in the midst of a “$3 Million Summer Giveaway” promotion where they’re handing out three $1 million prizes. The latest payout was supposed to go to Kevin Lewis, so casino officials followed through by giving a million dollars to somebody named Kevin Lewis.

There was just one problem in all of this: there were two men with the same name when the prize was given out. Horseshoe Cincinnati officials gave $1 million to the wrong Kevin Lewis and didn’t realize their mistake until later. Now some casinos might have rescinded the payout and given it to the rightful winner. However, the Horseshoe chose to give $1 million to both Kevin Lewis’.

The casino’s Senior Vice President Kevin Kline explained how his company didn’t want to punish someone else for their mistake. “This was our blunder,” he said. “So, consistent with our commitment to do the right thing for our guests, Horseshoe awarded a $1 million prize to each of the men.”

The fact that the Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati gave away an extra million dollar payout won’t affect their final prize, which is scheduled to be paid over Labor Day weekend. “We’ll be giving away a final million dollar prize over Labor Day weekend as promised at the beginning of the Summer Giveaway promotion.” Kline added, “No matter what your name is, it’s not too late to enter!”

Both Kevin Lewis’ join Reatha Jenkins as the three $1 million dollar winners thus far. The final winner will be revealed on September 1st, when the Summer Giveaway concludes.

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