Highest Paying Video Poker Variations

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One thing that makes video poker so attractive is the fact that people can actually beat the house over time. This is in great contrast to other casino games where the house holds a distinct advantage even when you use proper strategy. However, what many people don’t realize is that you can only beat the house in certain variations of video poker.

This always comes as a great surprise to many gamblers who think they can beat the casino in a game like Jacks or Better (the house actually holds a 0.5% advantage even when proper strategy is used). So if you’re looking for video poker variations where you can beat the house, then you should pay attention to the following list. Also, make sure you use the maximum coin amount to gain the advantage.

Deuces Wild

You can’t underestimate the advantage that being able to use deuces as a wild card has in video poker. In fact, this simple rule enables players to hold a 0.8% advantage over the house since they can receive 100.8% payouts using the best strategy.

Double Bonus

This version is called Double Bonus video poker because players receive a big bonus if they’re able to get a four-of-a-kind full of aces. Other than the bonus, this game plays out just like Jacks or Better video poker. But the small difference in the four-of-a-kind bonus gives players a 0.2% edge over the house if they use good strategy.

Double Double Bonus

With the prefix Double Double, you’d expect this video poker variation to be even higher paying than Double Bonus poker. However, the name is somewhat deceiving because players only hold a 0.1% advantage over the house in this game. Still, being able to get a 100.1% return is good enough to beat the house provided you are following correct strategy to a T.

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