High Stakes Gamblers charged with murdering Millionaire Escort Carole Waugh

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In a bit of chilling gambling news, conmen and high stakes gamblers Rakesh Bhayani and Nicholas Kutner were charged with killing a millionaire escort so they could steal her fortune.

The victim was 49-year-old Carole Waugh, who built a fortune through being an oil executive and high-class escort. She met Bhayani through an online dating site when the latter answered a veiled-escort ad that read, “On the look-out for male company.” Prosecutors allege that Bhayani built a £40,000 tab after seeing Ms. Waugh. She then threatened to tell his wife if he didn’t pay up.

It’s believed that Bhayani and his old prison friend, Kutner, both met Waugh at her £600,000 London flat one fateful day. It is here where Prosecutor Patrick Gibbs QC claims that one of the men fatally stabbed her in the neck. “Whoever struck the fatal blow or blows, Mr Bhayani and Mr Kutner planned it and were responsible for it,” Gibbs said.

Waugh went missing last May, and her family members grew suspicious when she hadn’t contacted them. Her body was finally uncovered in the trunk of Bhayani’s Volkswagon Golf, which was parked in a south-west London garage.

With Waugh dead, Gibbs believed that Kutner and Bhayani plundered her assets so they could continue playing casino games and living the good life. The men also hired women to impersonate Waugh so they could continue stealing her fortune.

“They were professional conmen and lifelong gamblers,” Gibbs stated. “They have a long history of defrauding people. They had a taste for expensive things but, above all, both were gripped by the same compulsion – the compulsion to gamble.”

Apparently, Bhayani was very good at deceiving his family too as Gibbs added, “They (his family) appeared to have been in the dark about the life he was living when he came out of prison, swanning around in a Range Rover. They thought he was in a residential center addressing his gambling addiction.”

The trial for Bhayani and Kutner is still going on, and it’s gained quite a bit of publicity in the UK.

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