Indonesian High Roller bet $1m per Bacccarat Hand

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Baccarat is a game that has a big reputation for high stakes play with some high rollers betting thousands of dollars per hand. However, it’s pretty rare for even high stakes baccarat players to wager $1 million per hand. But that’s exactly what happened at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

The scene was described by a Singapore-area high roller named Mr. Han as he was sitting at the table with a nondescript Indonesian man. He discussed the matter by saying:

I wouldn’t have noticed him from far because he looked like a construction worker. But he had $40 million worth of chips on the table. I’m not sure if they were his winnings or capital. Every round, he threw 10 chips worth $100,000 each like they were 50-cent coins. I have never seen anybody bet the $1 million table limit.

It’s big players like these that have helped Sinapore become a major gaming destination over the past few years. Mr. Han himself is one of these lucrative high rollers since he often wagers around $300,000 per baccarat hand. But what’s funny is that Han doesn’t even feel like this is a whole lot when compared to others – such as the previously described $1 million bettor.

Han talked about his place in the Asian baccarat high stakes community by saying, “There are bigger fishes out there. My bets appear small compared to these guys. My heart occasionally skips a beat when I see the stakes they place on the table – it’s crazy!”

It’s no surprise that many high rollers gravitate towards baccarat because this is one of the most popular games in Asia. It’s estimated that 75-80% of Macau and Sinapore’s gaming tables are dedicated to baccarat. And one thing driving up the popularity of these games is that players love to try and influence results through their superstitious beliefs.

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