Gulfstream Park Casino destroyed by Burst Fish Tank

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Of all the problems a major casino could deal with, a bursting fish tank seems to be an afterthought. However, this turned out to be a giant dilemma for the Gulfstream Park Casino in Hallandale Beach, Florida when their decorative fish tank cracked – sending thousands of gallons of water onto the gaming floor.

The tank, which held 13,000 gallons of water and a variety of exotic fish such as angelfish, groupers, lionfish and nurse sharks, cracked with around 100 people standing nearby. Casino worker Lucille Sfalanga described the scene by saying, “All we heard was a big bang and all the water started shooting out the top of the tank. It sounded like a cannon.”

A casino visitor named Diana Marvez also talked about the strange occurrence by exclaiming, “It was surreal. There was a ‘pop’ and the next thing I knew I was wringing out my dress. It was like I had been on splash mountain.”

In just a few minutes, the casino floor was covered in water as nearly 10,000 gallons spilled out onto slot machines, gaming tables and the poker room. Fortunately, 3,000 gallons remained in the tank, which was enough to keep the aforementioned exotic fish alive until they were moved.

The Gulfstream Park Casino was closed for several days following the fish tank incident. During this down-time – when the casino was losing $140,000 in daily revenue – workers moved the slot machines, ripped up the carpet, and put down new carpet. Aside from the daily revenue that the casino conceded, they also lost hundreds of thousands of dollars to damages and repairs.

If there’s any silver lining from the fish tank breaking and destroying much of Gulfstream’s gaming floor, it’s that the fish were saved and nobody was seriously hurt. However, casino owners can’t be too happy about all of the money they lost from this strange and bizarre incident.

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