Germany arrests Online Blackjack Player and confiscates €63.5k

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Back in the summer of 2011, a young German man went on a dream online blackjack run that saw him win €201,500. But this dream has now turned into a nightmare since German Financial Services agents had the anonymous man arrested and confiscated €63,490 of his winnings.

According to authorities, the 25-year-old violated Section 285 of Germany’s Criminal Code, which states that anybody who participates in unlawful internet gambling is subject to up to six months in prison and a fine not exceeding “180 daily units.” In the case of this man, he has been fined 70 daily units at €30 a piece, amounting to a total of €2,100.

German Financial Services started on this case after being alerted to five large withdrawals made by the online blackjack player. A subsequent raid revealed a shoebox stuffed with €73,490 in his attic. €10,000 of this belonged to the man’s mother, which she was allowed to keep. However, police confiscated the remaining €63,490 since the money was deemed to be illegal proceeds from a crime.

This is the first time that Germany has gone after an individual gambler for violating Section 285. Given this, the man’s lawyer tried to argue that Section 285 is only symbolic in nature and that €63,490 is too steep of a price to pay. However, the Munich District Course wasn’t buying it and took the rest of the player’s blackjack fortune.

Germany is seen as one of the biggest online gambling markets in the world, however, they don’t regulate internet casino games like blackjack. So it’s highly likely that the European nation is getting tired of watching large amounts of potential tax money go by the wayside. So until they begin regulating online casino games, Germany might continue their crackdown against both individual gamblers and iGaming operators.

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