Garner “looked embarrased” when Ben Affleck was Counting Cards

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There’s already plenty to like about Ben Affleck from a gambling standpoint since he won the 2004 California State Poker Championship ($356k) and was part of the infamous Hollywood poker ring of 2011. But he gave gamblers everywhere just one more reason to love him after Affleck got caught counting cards.

One person who’s loving him a little less right now, though, is his wife, Jennifer Garner. As ShowBizSpy reports, the Invention of Lying and Alias star believes that her hubby has a serious gambling problem. Here’s a look at what a source told the gossip website:

Jen demanded to go to Vegas with Ben because she doesn’t trust him and he felt like he had no choice but to take her.

But after their dinners there each night, she would go back to their suite while Ben would stay out all night playing cards, betting thousands of dollars at a time. It makes Jen so mad, but once Ben starts gambling, he can’t stop. Jen was sitting with him, just watching, and she looked totally bored and annoyed.

After Ben had been playing for about an hour, the pit boss started making phone calls. Then, shortly after, security confronted Ben. He was told he needed to leave and was escorted out Before he left the table, he grabbed a ton of chips and put them in his satchel. [Jen] followed him out, way behind him. She had her head down and looked embarrassed and ashamed.

(At the hotel room) Jen screamed at him, telling him he needed to quit gambling for good. But he told her that he’s a grown man and will do what he wants.

It’s always difficult to get to the bottom of these matters. After all, this news is coming from an anonymous source at a gossip website. And even if it is true, celebrity spin doctors always help present a different image of what happened.

However, it’s entirely possible that Garner could be getting mad at Affleck over gambling since he’s taken enough time to learn card counting, amid his busy schedule. And while this is really cool from a gambling perspective, it may not be so good for a movie star’s marriage.

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