Gambling News Network to provide Televised Gambling News

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Jeff Voyles and Randy Zinkil are trying to gain backing for a 24-hour gambling news channel called the Gambling News Network. The initial idea for the Gambling News Network belongs to Voyles, who dreamed up the concept after realizing how long it takes to sift through online news outlets for gambling information.

Voyles told the media, “It just didn’t make sense, going through all this stuff. If I took all this content and put it in a 24-hour news format, I could coordinate a less fragmented delivery of this information.” Voyles went on to say that, “This is not like sports or finance, where you can easily find experts all over the world. This is a very specialized industry.”

Voyles is a UNLV professor who also owns a company that develops table games and marketing strategies for casinos. He’s always on the go teaching both students and casinos how they can better manage their advertising methods and draw in more players. So if anybody could be successful at spearheading a 24-hour news network, it would be Voyles.

Considering that US land-based casinos made over $30 billion in revenue last year, there’s certainly a market for a televised gambling station. And when you factor in all of the people who play in online casinos, gambling is huge. However, there are plenty of pitfalls standing in the way of an ambitious project like this one.

Many gambling reality and news TV programs in the past have failed miserably so it’s not a given that the Gambling News Network would be successful. However, there are plenty of encouraging signs for this project too such as the fact that several poker television have had successful runs. So if poker can be so successful on TV, why can’t gambling as a whole?

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