Gamblers lose Money after XL Bet shuts down

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As a good rule of thumb, it’s best to stick to reputable online casinos so you don’t lose your money in some scandal or scam. Unfortunately, members of have found this out the hard way after the site shut down without giving online gamblers a chance to cash their money out. Now nothing is confirmed at the moment, but it seems as if bettors will never see their money again after XL Bet sent out an email saying the following:

“We are sorry to inform that XLBet has been forced to close down its business with immediate effect. For a while we have known that we would need more capital into our company in order to keep building our product and despite almost reaching point of “break even” this fall, we haven’t succeeded in raising the necessary funds to cover the old losses and the costs connected to our new platform, and thus we have decided to close down our business before even more people got economically involved. We regret that some clients are left frustrated with money on their betting accounts, but we are working on several solutions securing some of the player funds.

We also would like to apologize for the delayed information about the closure, but we would have preferred to get more info about above subject before we released the sad news. That was not possible, so we will give further information by email when relevant as soon as possible, but until that please understand that any pay out request will be left pending and that any support service has to be closed down. We are very sorry for the inconveniences brought on you by this, but hope you understand that we have done everything possible to avoid this situation and keep on offering E-Sports betting, Poker and Casino for you.”

What do they mean when they say, keep on offering E-Sports betting, Poker and Casino for you? Why would people want to keep using their sports betting or poker services after this abrupt shutdown? The way it looks, people’s cash outs will be pending forever since customer support is gone.

XL Bet was ran by Jacob Nielson in Curacao, and was a pretty small site before closing. This whole ordeal might make more bettors leery of gambling at any other small online gambling sites.

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