Gambler throws $30k off Balcony after winning at Uruguayan Casino

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Most people who gamble do so with the intention of winning a big score and keeping the money. But a French gambler recently gave his $30,000 payout away in unusual fashion.

The story began when the unidentified Frenchman started drinking heavily at the Moby Dick pub in Punta del Este, Uruguay. After drinking, he went to a nearby Punta del Este casino and won $30,000. He was allegedly seen lighting $100 bills on fire and smoking them afterward.

But the Frenchman didn’t just plan on smoking his winnings. He also felt like being overly generous and headed up to his hotel room balcony. From here, he began tossing money down to the crowd below. For the next hour, the gambler with a heart of gold threw down his entire $30k payout.

A dishwasher reportedly made out with a very large chunk of the money. He bragged about picking up $3,000 of the cash that was falling from the sky. Other customers and employees who were lucky enough to be around for the spectacle grabbed between $100 and $500 before the charitable act was over with.

Apparently, the French gambler was so generous that he didn’t even have enough money for a cab ride home. Luckily, somebody lent him some money for a cab. We can only hope that it was one of the many people who benefited from his kindness.

It’s great to see a gambler who felt like using their money to help people. After all, the industry is filled with stories of players who’ve used various methods to try and cheat casinos and fellow players. If only more people were like the French gambler in Punta del Este, the industry would have a much better reputation among the general population.

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