Galaxy Macau is World’s New Popular Casino

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With a $2 billion price tag, Galaxy Casino Macau is one of the most expensive gambling projects of all-time. Seeing as how this ultra-expensive casino’s development has been in and out of the gambling news for the past few years, many people were excited when it finally opened in mid-May. So far, the casino has been nothing short of spectacular since it offers a number of incredible amenities that have already attracted hundreds of thousands of customers.

The biggest spectacle at this casino is its massive rooftop wave pool, which is complete with an artificial beach. Since the pool is over 4,000 square feet big, it is easily the biggest rooftop pool in the world. As if this isn’t already impressive, the pool’s waves create a realistic beach setting as they crash onto the shore.

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Another thing that Galaxy Macau visitors have found impressive is all of the artwork in the casino lobby. First off, there are a number of awe-inspiring sculptures, such as a giant seashell, that were created with the intention of bringing gamblers fertility and good luck. In addition to these sculptures, there is also an intriguing fountain that sees a large crystal chandelier rise out of the water, only to reveal one of the world’s biggest diamonds. And in case you don’t notice the diamond, there are plenty of lights to show you the super-expensive stone.

Yet another thing that people can marvel at when they visit the Galaxy Casino in Macau is the Banyan Tree Hotel. This hotel tower offers temperature-controlled pools in every single room, along with other lavish features. The other hotel at Galaxy Macau – Hotel Okura – gives people a real taste of Japanese hospitality with women in kimonos greeting people.

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