Conman steals $1.5 M, loses it at Crown Casino

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A conman named Gabriel Werden is charged with fraudulently acquiring over $1.5 million from banks, then gambling all of it away at the Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia. Fortunately for financial institutions in the Melbourne area, Werdon was apprehended while he was in the process of trying to secure another $2.5 million.

After being caught by police, Werden was denied bail by Magistrate Franz Holzer under the assumption that he was a high flight risk. Werden argued that he wasn’t likely to flee the country, but the detective in the case, Sen Const Young, explained how Werden fled the country before with fake passports after he’d been arrested.

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In addition to this, he also got out of prison by tricking a guard into thinking he was a salesman. Seeing as how he won’t be getting out of jail this time, Werdon will be brought back to trial on November 30th to see if he’s found guilty of fraud.

In regards to his actual crime, Werden allegedly began conning financial institutions out of money in 1995. Most of the money he took went towards gambling at the Crown Casino, while he was also known to frequent other places such as the Jupiters Casino. In fact, he was busted at Jupiters after cashing a check worth $487k.

The 45-year-old was able to obtain funds by using fake ID’s and background information to get loans from banks and individuals. It’s said that Werden had a major gambling addiction, so he’d take most of the loans to casinos. By the time all of his bets are tallied up, it’s estimated that Werden has gambled well over $13 million in his lifetime.

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