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Those who are totally new to keno should try the version at 21GrandCasino since it’s colorful, exciting, and quite entertaining. One big reason for all the compliments on our end is that Rival Gaming designed 21GrandCasino’s keno games, and they did an excellent job. Of course, more explanation is due here so let’s move into the most important aspects of Rival Gaming keno.

Game Details

There are two different formats offered when you play free keno at 21GrandCasino, including a traditional 15-number game and a “Vegas Jackpot” version with 10 numbers. Both games enable you to choose your own digits on a card – although you can also select the quick pick option, which selects your numbers automatically. It should also be stated that people can play 1, 5 or 10 cards at one time.


No matter whether you’re playing real money or free keno, it’s always fun to hit big payouts. And there are no doubt some massive payouts available in Rival Gaming keno! In the regular game, you could win a maximum of 10,000 coins assuming you match all 15 numbers. Moving to the Vegas Jackpot game, you’d be able to win a giant 100,000-coin payout by matching all 10 numbers.

Odds of Winning

No matter whether you play regular free keno (15 numbers) or the Vegas Jackpot version (10 numbers), we highly recommend that you play all of the numbers on your cards. The reason why is because this helps you achieve the top payout percentage of 96.5%, which is pretty high for a keno game. When you play less numbers on a card, the potential payout percentage goes down because you’re not eligible for the jackpot; so definitely keep this in mind.

Graphics and Overall Design

Perhaps the best reasons to play free keno at 21GrandCasino are the graphics and overall design. The glossy board and well-matched color scheme really keep players entertained while playing the game. That said, you should have a lot of fun playing Rival Gaming keno at 21GrandCasino simply for the design alone.

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