Football Gambling Guru charging Thousands of Dollars for Picks

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Lem Banker is considered to be one of the most successful football bettors of all time. He is a consistent winner (something that most experts can’t claim), and rumor has it that Banker once beat the spread in 13 straight Super Bowls.

Word got around about Banker’s incredible gift, and sports betting services offered him lots of money to only offer his prized picks through their service. But Banker turned them down again and again instead opting to offer his picks for free so that everybody could take advantage of them. Banker’s picks landed him a TV show in the Las Vegas area for a while, and newspapers published his picks on a weekly basis.

Unfortunately though, it appears as if Banker’s picks are no longer free since he is now charging $3,000 a year for all of his NFL picks. This is a far cry from the man who once said that he offered free picks because he wanted to help the little guy.

However, it’s understandable why Banker would choose to start charging for his football picks now given that he has went through some hard times. His wife Debbie died and Banker underwent two painful surgeries – one of which was so dangerous that he feared he wouldn’t live. Because of his fear that he might die during the surgery, the 83-year-old Banker gave his daughter and grandson access to all of his bank account information and safe deposit boxes.

The pair was only to get Banker’s possessions if he died during the surgery, but they helped themselves to his riches anyways. By the time his grandson and daughter emptied his $3 million-plus assets, Banker had nothing left. So it’s understandable why he is suddenly charging for his once free football picks. However, it’s still a shame that people can’t get them for free anymore.

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