Facebook allowing Online Gambling Advertising

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In an effort to avoid the legal red tape in certain countries when it comes to online gambling, the popular social networking site Facebook has always shied away from allowing online gambling advertising on their site. However, the multi-billion dollar company seems to have had a change of heart recently since they’ve decided to allow online gambling advertising.

The only catch in this story is that the online gambling ads cannot be geared towards US customers, which comprise a large chunk of Facebook users. Furthermore, those wishing to advertise online gambling on Facebook must avoid directing their ads towards other countries where cyber betting is outlawed. Here is a look at the official statement made by Facebook:

First, we now allow the promotion of offline casinos or other legal gambling establishments provided the ads are appropriately targeted. We continue to prohibit the promotion of online gambling in the U.S, but may allow ads for online gambling and games of skill in other countries with our prior authorization.

We also now allow authorized state and national lottery commissions to advertise to users of the appropriate age within the lottery’s jurisdiction. In all cases, we expect advertisers to ensure their ads comply with all applicable laws and we will not accept ads for illegal products and services.

The addition of online gambling ads should bring in even more revenue for a company that’s reportedly worth $25 billion. Along with this, it’s also worth noting that online casinos and poker rooms should benefit tremendously from being able to advertise on Facebook. Online casinos often have trouble advertising in mainstream outlets, and with over 500 million users worldwide, Facebook is about as mainstream as it gets.

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