Facebook Casino growing rapidly

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The wildly popular social network site Facebook recently saw its casino application, DoubleDown, reach 1.2 million members. And what’s incredible is that the online casino has only been open for just over a year and a half.

One thing that strikes many people as peculiar about DoubleDown Interactive is that this online casino operates in the US – more specifically, the state of Washington. Online gambling as a whole is a gray area in the United States, and Washington state actually makes it a Class C felony, which is in line with dealing drugs or driving while intoxicated. However, DoubleDown Interactive doesn’t offer real money casino games – instead, they sell fake chips to players.

The way the Facebook casino works is that people automatically receive 20,000 fake chips a day. They can then buy more fake chips for anywhere between $3 and $100 per day; at the low end, $3 will get a person 15,000 chips, and $100 would get a person over 1 million chips. Players can then use these chips to win prizes through the games, but there are no cash prizes available.

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Despite the fact that people can’t win real money through these games, DoubleDown Interactive continues to increase in popularity. DoubleDown CEO Greg Enell believes that a big reason why is because of the casino’s realism as he said, “We set out to build the most realistic virtual casino possible.”

Enell also did an interview with CBS 8, where he said, “With our socially enabled multiplayer games, we have captured the excitement of a real casino experience, giving the 550+ million Facebook users an opportunity to enjoy the social aspects of a real casino floor, from the comfort of their own home. With the addition of more casino games, expanded distribution via other social and mobile platforms, and the continued success of our virtual currency revenue model, we are confident that our daily revenues will soon rival that of many brick and mortar casinos operating today.”

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