eWallet Express leaves US Market

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The United States government has recently filed lawsuits and arrested individuals associated with certain payment processors that aid online gambling sites. The reason for the spike in anti-payment processor activity by the US government is that they claim these processors are laundering money. And while this is certainly debatable, Douglas Rennick and Daniel Tzvetkoff have found out the hard way about what happens when the US gov. comes after you.

Rennick was hit with a big fine and six months probation for running Account Services Corp., My ATM Online, KJB Financial Corp. and Check Payment Financial Co. The fine is a blessing for Rennick since he was facing up to 25 years in prison for the alleged laundering charges. Tzvetkoff, who ran Australia’s Intabill, is on bail and currently awaiting his fate, which could be prison if he is convicted.

In any case, it appears as if the indictments and lawsuits have scared the popular processor eWallet Express out of the American market. Apparently, eWallet Express operators and customer service representatives have been unavailable after the announcement. The website displays a message that reads, “Please note we are experiencing ongoing technical difficulties as a result of a service upgrade.”

Right now, it appears as if the “service upgrade” is a direct result of the rumors that eWallet has removed itself from the US market. This being the case, many people are speculating as to who will be able to use eWallet’s services once the site is fully operational again.

Some people believe that eWallet is doing this because they know something the public doesn’t. And this something is the idea that the US will be opening their country up to the online casinos that are out of the country by the time this happens. As for now though, this is merely speculation.

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