Don Johnson – Blackjack Millionaire parties hard

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Don Johnson grabbed gambling news headlines everywhere after what may be the greatest blackjack run ever. The Wyoming CEO made $15.1 million over a six-month span after hustling several Atlantic City casinos. The Tropicana Atlantic City really got hit hard by Johnson after he won $5.8 million off of them, and got the Tropicana CEO fired since he okay’ed bets worth $100,000.

And while the Tropicana CEO may be out of a job for allowing Johnson to make such big wagers, the blackjack stud is celebrating his multi-millionaire status in style by partying in nightclubs around the world. And his latest stop was London’s One For One nightclub on Park Lane.

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He was in London to hang out with his rocker friend Bon Jovi, and they decided to make a stop at One For One. Johnson got the night started early after ordering a £25,000 bottle of Armand De Brignac Methuselah. After downing this with his friends, the 49-year-old made this a truly unforgettable evening by ordering a rare 30-liter bottle of Armand De Brignac Midas.

Not only is this a massive bottle of champagne, but its £120,000 ($191k) price tag ensures that this beverage is only sipped by the most exclusive people. Johnson joined this exclusive club after purchasing the £120k bottle, which easily set One For One’s record for the most expensive drink ever bought. In all, Johnson spent over £168,118 ($270k) throughout the night, which is certainly one expensive bar tab!

The club’s floor manager, Nik Krasniqi, talked about the incredible night by saying, “He was hugging the bottle and everyone in the club was going wild. When he left, the ceiling, the floor and everyone in the club was covered in champagne. His goal is to be the biggest spender ever in nightclubs all over the world. He is in Vegas, and he wanted to do it in London. He likes to party very, very hard. He had the microphone and was screaming ‘Don Mother F*****g Johnson’ over and over.”

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