Blackjack Pro Don Johnson Back – wins $2m

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Earlier this year, blackjack player Don Johnson made big news after going on one of the game’s greatest runs in history. He made over $15 million in just six month’s time, which included a $5.8 million profit at the Tropicana Atlantic City that got their CEO fired.

Johnson recently returned to his old stomping grounds to play more blackjack, and deal the Tropicana yet another big loss. This time the world-famous blackjack player won over $2 million while playing blackjack at the Tropicana. Following yet another big win, Johnson was quite humble about his performance by saying, “I went back in and did very well.”

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Tropicana’s new CEO Tony Rodio spoke about the losses that they incurred to Johnson this time around by saying, “Last month we were the windshield, this month we’re the bug. We’re going to have some great months and some months when we get beat up.” Rodio is referring to the fact that his casino did quite well with October gaming profits, but this month Johnson and an unidentified player (who won $1 million) have put a major dent in the Tropicana Atlantic City’s profits.

Going back to Don Johnson, this huge win brings his unofficial blackjack profits to over $17 million in 2011 alone. Some people believe that he’s a card counter, but Johnson insists that he uses basic blackjack strategy, and believes that players can eventually beat the house with the right betting pattern.

Whatever he’s doing definitely seems to be working since the Wyoming CEO has become one of the most famous blackjack players of all-time. Back in the summer, he celebrated his blackjack success by partying at London’s exclusive One for One nightclub and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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