Different Slots Games

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Most people have the perception that the word “slots” only entails one type of game. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth since there are actually lots of entertaining online slots games that people can play. Here are just a few of the great Internet slots games available.

Jackpot Slots

Jackpot slots are typically the most popular version of the game since people can get rich with one spin of the reels. With jackpot slots, people make their bet amount, click how many reels they want to play, and let the machine spin. Some jackpot machines offer fixed amounts, but the vast majority offer progressive jackpots, which increase in size every time somebody makes a bet. Some of these progressive prizes grow as large as $500,000 or more!

Slots Tournaments

Another popular version of online slots are slots tournaments. In a slots tournament, people will pay a buy-in before the tourney and compete to see who can earn the most money before the tournament is over. The top points earners in the tourney will all earn prizes based on their finish. Tournament slots are increasing in popularity because people they bring an added competitive element to the game.

Pay Line Slots

While jackpot slots and, more recently, slots tournaments are dominating the online scene, there are still plenty of online casinos for people who like to play the classic version of the game. Pay line slots work like most other versions of the game except for the fact that players aren’t competing against each other, and there is no jackpot involved. Instead, players just pick the amount of pay lines they want to play and select their bet size. After this is done, one just needs to click spin to get the reels going. Prizes are awarded based on what symbols land across the reels.

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