Deciding how Many Paylines to Play

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What most online slots players don’t realize is that the number of paylines they play has a huge impact on the profits they’ll make with slots. Pick too many paylines and you’ll burn up your bankroll too quickly; pick too few paylines and you will rob yourself of a chance to win a huge jackpot.

Of course there is no magic formula for deciding how many paylines you will play, but you can certainly narrow down the amount after taking a look at two factors: your goals and bankroll.

Personal Goals

Whether they’re aware of it or not, every slots player has a goal in mind. For some people, this slots goal is simply to look busy without blowing too much money while their friends are gambling. For others, their slots goal is much more involved since they want to win a jackpot one day. Obviously your personal slots goal will have a big impact on how many paylines you choose to play.

Casual players should stick to playing 5 paylines or less while more serious players should play the maximum payline amount with the game they’re playing. If you’re a serious player on a 20 or 30 payline machine, then you should be playing the maximum amount of paylines provided your bankroll is large enough. And this brings us to the next point…

Bankroll Size

No matter how serious you are with slots, your bankroll will determine how many paylines you should play in the end. If your bankroll is small, you need to look for a game that only has a few paylines on it. On the other hand, those with large bankrolls can afford to play the 20 or 30 payline games. In either case, you should be playing both the maximum coin size and payline amount if you have hopes of winning a big jackpot.

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