How to Deal with Bad Blackjack Players

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Good blackjack players hate playing with people who have no idea how the game works. After all, it’s hard to overlook a fellow player who hits when they have 16 and the dealer is holding a 6. That being said, you’re probably ready to get up and leave as soon as you see table mates making foolish moves that allow the dealer to get the cards they need. However, there is a better way to deal with bad players than by simply losing your cool.

So you are probably wondering what’s the magical way to deal with bad blackjack players. Well the best thing you can do is ignore them. That’s right….ignore their horrible plays and ill-timed draws because it has virtually no effect on how you play in the end.

Sure there are times when a bad blackjack player will help the dealer out by drawing or standing when they should have done the opposite. But there are other times when a bad player will help the rest of the table out by taking a card that would have complemented the dealer’s hand. For instance, say the last player at the table has 15 and draws a 7 to bust out; the dealer, who holds a 4, draws a 10 and an 8 to bust out.

If the bad player hadn’t drawn for another card, the dealer would have gotten a 21 and beaten the entire table. Instead, their draw prevented the dealer from getting a really good hand.

The key here is to realize that everything will average out in the end assuming you stick to good blackjack strategy. No amount of bad plays made by another person should change how you play the game. Assuming you make the right play over and over again, you will end up minimizing the house edge to below 1%.

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