Croupier sues Casino for $185k following Robbery Nightmares

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Because of all the money going in and out of casinos, gaming establishments are sometimes targeted by criminals. Most of the time, these capers go horribly awry for the robbers and end in arrests, but innocent victims are still affected nonetheless. Such was the case with a Casino Canberra croupier who dealt with major problems following a heist.

In March of 2008, the female croupier was working at the blackjack tables when a man forcibly took over $1,000 from her table. He then ran out into the streets of Canberra, Australia since no security was around to stop him.

This is when the female dealer began having psychological difficulties and nightmares about the robber attacking her in a bedroom. She explained the matter with the following statement:

So I thought in my head if I could actually set up my bedroom with the knife under my pillow, perhaps the knife might be there in my dream and I might be able to access it in my dream (for protection).

The 33-year-old eventually visited a doctor about her problems. The doctor recommended that she work in a less stressful environment, which in the casino’s case would’ve been the Chinese table games, rather than the wilder blackjack tables.

But Casino Canberra failed to comply since they made her a blackjack pit inspector. This line of work led to a panic attack when a drunk, belligerent player started yelling at the dealer and her. She then spent two days in a mental health hospital because of suicidal thoughts.

Perhaps the former croupier will have a few less suicidal thoughts in the future since she was finally awarded $185,000 in damages. The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Supreme Court ruled that Casino Canberra failed to provide a safe work environment following the robbery. Despite taking several years to win her settlement, it appears that the woman’s legal battle has finally paid off.

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