UK Casino withholds £7.3m from Poker’s Phil Ivey

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Crockfords, which is one of the world’s oldest and most luxurious casinos, is currently taking heat after not paying £7.3 million in winnings to world-famous poker pro Phil Ivey. The London-based venue told the Gambling Commission that they are withholding the payout on suspicion of cheating.

How it all started

While on holiday this past August, Phil Ivey stopped at Crockfords to play some high stakes punto banco, which is a non-skilled baccarat variant. His starting bankroll was £1 million, and the poker phenom went on to win £7.3 million over a two-night span. Following Ivey’s session, Crockfords initially said that they’d transfer the winnings to his bank account.

Foul Play?

As is standard procedure during a win of this magnitude, the Genting-owned casino began questioning their staff members. Initially, it was thought that somebody colluded to help Ivey. However, the collusion thoughts were later laid to rest.

So why is the eight-time WSOP champion still without his winnings today? More suspicion arose after it was discovered that the woman who accompanied Ivey to Crockfords had her membership revoked at another Genting establishment. Because of this, London’s oldest casino is still refusing to release Ivey’s winnings.

No End in Sight

In an effort to recover his punto banco earnings, Ivey has hired lawyers and they’re currently in talks with Genting. In the meantime, Crockfords has yet to find any evidence of cheating or collusion through their surveillance cameras. Additionally, the shoe was checked multiple times to ensure the cards had no markings that could help Ivey in any way.

It’s also worth mentioning that Ivey has never been caught cheating in any other casino sessions. Instead, he is merely known for his “hit and run” style of gambling, where he leaves the tables immediately after going up big to protect his winnings.

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