Crazy 7 Slots Review

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If you’re all about having fun with your slots games, then the Playtech-designed Crazy 7 slots is perfect since this wacky game is all about entertainment. For starters, the colorful and psychedelic graphics in Crazy 7 remind one of a carnival fun house. This amusement is furthered by the sound effects, which are straight from a Saturday morning cartoon.

Moving past the entertainment aspect, Crazy 7 is also perfect for beginning slots players because its game play is very simple and easy for anybody to figure out. That said, let’s move forward in our Crazy 7 slots review by discussing this game play in-depth.

Crazy 7 Details and Features

As we mentioned in the introduction, Crazy 7 offers a user-friendly experience because there’s only 3 reels and one payline. The simplicity is carried over to the game’s symbols because no wilds or scatters are present. Interestingly enough, there are only four different symbols featured in this game with purple, blue, green and red 7’s lining the reels.

You should be aware that the betting options are varied with coin sizes ranging from $0.01 to $5.00. Also, you can bet three coins on the single payline, which makes for a maximum wager of $15. Players can also appreciate the autoplay feature that’s available by clicking on the “Menu” button. After selecting autoplay, you can choose the number of spins that you want the game to autoplay; when you’re finished, you can choose to stop this feature.

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Crazy 7 Jackpot

You win the Crazy 7 jackpot by getting three red 7’s in a payline. By betting the maximum of three coins, you actually gain a slight long-term advantage with the jackpot as the following illustrates:

Hitting the jackpot with 1 coin = 100 coins
Hitting the jackpot with 2 coins = 200 coins
Hitting the jackpot with 3 coins = 400 coins

As for the purple, blue and green 7 payouts, you won’t gain any advantage by wagering the max of three coins.

Our verdict on Crazy 7 slots is that it’s one of the top slots games from a pure entertainment aspect. Additionally, anybody who is new to online slots should break the ice by playing Crazy 7 because it has a fairly simple format and betting structure.

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