Craps Strategy

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The best way to use good craps strategy is by making the most profitable wagers. As you probably already know, craps is a game where the house holds an edge; but by making good bets, you take this house edge down to almost nothing.

On the come out roll, one of the wagers that really takes the house edge down is the pass line bet. If you’re a beginning craps player, you should really consider sticking to pass line wagers because they are easy to make and only give the house a 1.41% advantage. One important thing to remember with pass line bets is that you should never make them after the come out roll; pass line wagers after the come out roll give the house a bigger edge.

If you don’t mind the table being mad at you on the come out roll, you can also make the don’t pass bet. Don’t pass wagers are essentially bets against the shooter, which is who the majority of the people are betting with. Now you might wonder why it would be a good idea to place a wager that would make the table mad; however, a don’t pass bet is statistically the best wager you can make on the come out roll since it takes the house edge down to 1.36%. Some people don’t like making the don’t pass bet because they don’t feel a 0.05% advantage is worth losing table friends over.

After the come out roll, the best wager available is the odds bet. Once the point is established, you can make multiple bets on your pass line wager (the odds bet) that really minimize the house edge. By making a 2X odds bet, the house edge goes down to just 0.61%. In some casinos, you can even make a 100X odds wager that makes the house just 0.02%.

Overall, the most important thing is craps is to stick to the bets that keep the house edge low, and keep the money rolling in for you!

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