College Bookies rising Again

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US college bookies were all the rage in the late 90’s and early 2000’s since online sports betting wasn’t nearly as widespread as it is today. However, the college bookie trend has faded in recent years with the ease and convenience offered by online sportsbooks. But some experts predict that the university bookie trend will pick up since less and less online sportsbooks are offering their services to American residents.

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Gambling911 is one place that believes university bookies will be back in full swing as students and college town locals look for a reliable source of underground sports betting. They wrote the following regarding the matter:

College bookies in the past have often earned four to five times more per year than their friends working at McDonald’s or the local pizzeria.

In 1995, before the advent of the online sportsbook, college bookies the likes of J.P. Browman, earned $42,000 serving around 100 sports bettors while attending the University of Florida.

Dealing with locals and the campus kids, professional sports bettors for the most part are cut out of the equation, making college bookmaking (and corner bookmaking) a lucrative profession.

“If you’re a big-time bookie and you’re dealing with big-time bettors, they’ll notice flaws in your lines,” JP told Sports Illustrated back in 1995 as part of their series on college gamblers and bookmakers, “because those [big-time bettors] are sick. They’re like psychiatrists, analyzing everything. The bettors I deal with don’t do that. They’re just loyal to their teams and not very smart at all.

Considering that Browman made $42k back in the mid-90’s, this figure could be worth more like $55k today. But despite the fact that taking university student sports bets is profitable, there is also plenty of danger in running an underground college sportsbook.

For one thing, any bookie who is caught faces jail or even prison time. A scarier thought is the fact that several college bookies have been murdered in the past over financial disputes. But as long as there’s money to be made, don’t expect the pitfalls to stop college bookies.

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