R&B Sensation Ciara performs at Palm Casino’s “Ditch Fridays”

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Las Vegas casinos are well known for drawing top musical acts and performers. But most of the time, these musicians are on the backside of their careers and looking for a way to stay paid and relevant.

This wasn’t quite the case though at Palm Hotel & Casino’s famous dayclub ‘Ditch Fridays’ recently. They were able to land chart-topping R&B vocalist Ciara, who’s sang such hits as “Goodies,” “1, 2 Step,” “Ride,” “Body Party,” and “I’m Out.” The latter song is performed with rap star Nicki Minaj and sits at No. 50 on the Billboard Top 100.

Body Party is even better since it’s checked in at No. 25 on the Billboard Top 100. And it’s no coincidence that she performed this hit single at Palm Casino in front of a half-drunken crowd. You can watch her performance of Body Party below.

Ciara’s appearance in Vegas marks a growing trend of night and dayclubs doing their best to attract a younger, party crowd. For years, Sin City was known as a gambler’s paradise, with middle-aged men and women filling up casinos every week.

However, Vegas gaming revenue has declined in recent years, so the city is trying to reinvent itself and appeal to a younger age demographic. And one of the best ways that they’ve found to do this is by paying top dollar for entertainers like Ciara to perform.

Many of the world’s top DJ’s also descend on Las Vegas every week, with clubs like Tao, Pure and Marquee dishing out six figures to retain the hottest DJ’s for a weekend and keep the party going. So far, the results have been a success, so don’t expect these casinos and clubs to stop the trend that’s been developing in Sin City.

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