Casino Cheater and Nevada Fugitive busted in Pennsylvania

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Jubreal Chahine had built up quite an infamous reputation in his home state of Nevada. Chahine had cheated in casino games so many times that the Nevada Gaming Board placed him on their “most wanted” list. But it appears as if the 40-year-old’s reign of gaming terror has come to an end after he was busted in Pennsylvania.

Chahine was at the Sands Casino Resort in Bethlehem (PA) when employees recognized him. They then alerted the authorities and he was arrested without incident. The Las Vegas resident is now sitting in Northampton County Prison in lieu of a $150,000 bail bond.

According to the Gaming Control Board’s website, Chahine is wanted for the following offenses:

– Multiple NCIC warrants for the same charge form this agency:
(14 Counts Felony) of Commit or Attempt Fraudulent Acts in a Gaming Establishment

– Multiple NCJIS warrants for the same charge from this agency:
(1 Count Felony) of Burglary
(6 Counts Felony) of Commit or Attempt Fraudulent Acts in Gaming Establishment

Chahine is on a pretty short list because, currently, there are only seven men on the Gaming Control Board’s most wanted page. Now that he’s been arrested, it’ll be interesting to see if Chahine lands on the Board’s “Excluded Person List.”

This group was originally started to keep notorious mobsters out of the gaming business while Las Vegas attempted to clean up its reputation. Along the way, some of the world’s famed casino cheaters also began appearing on the list. As of now, there are only 33 people who’ve been excluded from all Nevada casinos. Given Chahine’s 14 prior felonies related to “fraudulent acts in a gaming establishment,” there’s certainly a chance that he could wind up on the Excluded Person List too.

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