Cheating Casino Dealer steals $20,000

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Casinos typically do everything in their power to keep dealers happy and from cheating anybody out of money. Even still, the occasional cheating casino dealer slips into the fold, which Canada’s Gold Eagle Casino recently found out the hard way.

The dealer in question is Christopher Stone-Spyglass, and he ran an elaborate cheating scheme with six player associates. The team earned $20,000 over a two-year span that saw Stone-Spyglass pull a number of dealer cheats. Some of the cheats included falsely shuffling decks, flashing his dealer cards at players, letting the team withdraw losing bets, and overpaying players following wins.

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Eventually, the team’s cheating ways came to an end when Gold Eagle Casino surveillance cameras caught everything on tape. The entire team was charged in the scandal, forced to pay restitution and serve probation sentences. Stone-Spyglass is the only person who’s yet to pay off his debt, which is set at $12,600. Assuming he can’t pay off the full amount within two weeks, the Canadian will be facing one year in prison.

Now this might sound harsh, but the former dealer has had months to pay off the debt in monthly installments. Provincial court Judge Violet Meekma released a statement on the matter as she said, “It doesn’t sound like he’s put in much effort, to be frank…I’m just not prepared to trust you on a conditional sentence.”

As for his prospects of paying off the $12.6k debt, Christopher Stone-Spyglass will be starting a new job soon. Plus he’s expected to get an income tax refund worth $6,000, which should help him pay down at least half of the debt. However, this still doesn’t sound like enough to keep the cheating casino dealer out of prison.

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