Casino Bregenz Player denied €43m Slots Jackpot

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Winning a €43 million slots jackpot should be a joyous occasion marked by celebrating and big plans for the future. But unfortunately for Behar Merlaku, winning a €43 million slots jackpot turned out to be one of the worst days of his life.

Merlaku was sitting in Austria’s Casino Bregenz playing slots while celebrating his son’s birth. And the 26-year-old was given even more reason to celebrate after the slots game he was playing flashed a €43 million ($62 million) jackpot win on the screen. After launching into a big celebration, casino officials told Merlaku that the jackpot win was a mistake, and a software error had occurred.

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The Austrian described the incident in full by saying, “When I won I was ecstatic and of course I relied upon it being a real jackpot which it was. I saw it on the screen. But then the disappointment came when two casino workers came to me and said there was a software error.”

He finished by adding, “They took me for a fool which I am not. I’ve played in many casinos and I know the way the cookie crumbles. It doesn’t concern me if they have a software problem.”

The sad part of this story is that the troubles haven’t ended for Behar Merlaku since he’s suffered some mental anguish as a result of the win being taken away. He spoke about this by saying, “I’m happy about my first born son Erion but I have psychological problems since the jackpot incident. I can’t sleep anymore and I constantly think about the injustice I’ve experienced. I’m almost ruined.”

As with anybody who feels they’ve been cheated out of a €43 million slots jackpot, Merlaku plans on fighting the incident by hiring a legal team. Considering the amount of stress he’s been through in the aftermath of the win being taken away, it seems likely that Merlaku could at least win some money out of the ordeal.

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