South African Casino keeps Self-Excluded Player’s Winnings

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Many countries throughout the world have programs where gamblers can self-exclude themselves from casinos if they have an addiction. South Africa is no different in this regard since people can voluntarily put themselves on a blacklist.

Such was the case with a businessman named Mahesh Kalidas, who signed up for self-exclusion last year. However, a flaw in the system allowed him to continue playing at South African casinos. The 53-year-old’s losses mounted throughout 2012 and early 2013, but no casinos seemed to notice.

Things changed though when Kalidas won a R129,000 (US$14,225) slots jackpot at the Southern Sun Montecasino. Following his big slots prize, casino officials looked into the businessman’s background and kept the winnings. Going further, Montecasino also had Kalidas arrested for trespassing. He discussed the matter by saying, “Casinos are happy to allow banned gamblers back to lose, but the moment they win they are charged with trespassing and thrown out.”

Kalidas went on to talk about how he’d lost amounts of R200,000 (US$22,055) and R40,000 ($4,411) at the South African gaming establishment. So it’s understandable as to why he’d be angry about being arrested immediately after winning. Mahesh Kalidas is so disappointed about the matter that he’s taking his case to the Gauteng Gambling Board. He’s looking to recoup the $14,225 in losses since this money is still being kept.

At this point, Montecasino isn’t ready to comment on anything as their spokeswoman, Priya Naidoo, stated:

The matter is currently still under investigation by Montecasino and the Gauteng Gambling Board. We are therefore unfortunately not in a position to comment until the Gauteng Gambling Board has resolved the matter.

The board is still mulling over a decision in this matter and it could take a while. But based on the story, one would think that Kalidas would at least have his winnings (or losses) returned out of fairness.

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