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Video poker slots is one of the easier casino card games to play since it’s based off of draw poker. The game begins when you’re dealt five cards, and you can decide to keep your entire hand or discard certain cards. To make a discard, you’ll have to select the card you want to replace and click discard. Once your discards have been made, you will be dealt new cards to replace them. When you have been dealt the new cards, your final hand will be formed and payouts will be made based on this hand.

Whether or not you get a winning hand depends upon what video poker slots variation you’re playing. For instance, in Jacks or Better, you would get a winning hand as long as you receive a pair of jacks or better. On the other hand, a game like Deuces Wild might require you to get a set in order to win because the deuces can be used as wild cards. The better the hand you’re able to form, the better your payout will be. For example, a pair of jacks in Jacks or Better is good enough to earn your original bet back, but a set is going to pay out 2-1 on your original wager.

Like most card games, the royal flush is the best possible hand you can attain in video poker. And if you can get the royal flush, you will receive the highest possible payout available. Most online casinos pay out large jackpots to players who get a royal flush. Some of these jackpots are worth $30,000 or more! Other high paying hands include straight flushes, four-of-a-kinds, and flushes. The amount of money you get paid always depends on how many coins you bet. So if you’re looking to get the highest possible payouts, you’ll have to wager the max bet of 5 coins.