California Couple Leaves Baby in the Car to Gamble

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There are plenty of degenerate gamblers throughout the world. Some of these people lie, beg, and steal just to gather enough cash for their next run at the craps tables. However, even lying, begging, and stealing might not compare to what a California couple recently did to satisfy their gambling fix.

Apparently short on a babysitter, Thuan Huy Nguyen and Panfila Phu Phan decided to leave their 7-week old baby in a casino parking garage for two and a half hours. Nguyen and Phan went inside the Thunder Valley Casino while their baby was left unattended in the car. A security guard who was patrolling the parking garage eventually found the baby and alerted the police. Upon arriving at the scene, the police determined how long the baby had been in the car, and arrested the couple.

After waiting two months, both Nguyen and Phan were finally sentenced to 60 days in jail by a Placer County Superior Court judge. On top of this, the parents will be forced to take a mandatory parenting class to determine if the couple is still fit to take care of the baby. Aside from the parenting class and two-month jail sentence, both parents will be serving four years probation.

Assuming Nguyen and Phan can pass their parenting classes with flying colors, they could regain custody of the baby during the four years of probation. But it’s surprising that the two won’t be forced to attend any sort of gambler’s anonymous meetings seeing as how they left a baby in the hot California sun for almost three hours. But at least the judge didn’t let them get off too easily as evidenced by the 60 day jail sentence.

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