Caesars Pool Blackjack is very Popular

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Caesars Palace is one of the newest Las Vegas casinos to offer pool blackjack as they’ve installed five tables in their legendary Garden of the Gods pool area. And for the most part, all of these tables are packed throughout the day, despite offering slightly worse odds than inside of the casino.

Now Caesars isn’t the first place to offer pool blackjack in Vegas since the Tropicana was doing this back in the 80’s. And even before Caesars started their swim-up blackjack games, the Hard Rock Casino was also running poolside blackjack action. However, Caesars is no doubt the most successful pool blackjack operation in Sin City, and this has definitely been apparent throughout the summer.

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Caesars Palace has excelled in several areas where other casinos have struggled. For one, they built a dry pit for dealers to use so the money doesn’t get wet. In addition to this, they’ve made the tables much like the indoors casino – with the exception that the women wear bikinis and guys go shirtless.

This casino has done such a great job with their blackjack operation that very few people use the pool for its intended purpose of swimming. Instead, people are either playing blackjack or watching the games with interest.

One more thing that Caesars does to generate interest in their poolside games is hire models to work as dealers. Many of the bikini-clad female dealers are the primary reason why red-blooded males brave table minimums of $15 or $25, and unfavorable rules. One rule says that players can only double down when their first two cards total 10 or 11. In regular casino blackjack, you can double down on any initial score.

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