Caesars Palace expanding to China

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Caesars Entertainment Corporation has officially begun their Asian expansion after starting construction on Caesars Palace Longmu Bay. The Longmu Bay casino will be built in Hainan, China, and it will house 1,000 hotel rooms, retail stores, spas and a marina.

The Longmu Bay project is being headed by Caesars Global Life division, which is Caesars’ new company wing that handles luxury establishments across the world. Seeing as how the new casino in Hainan, China is set to be a 5-star venture, it’s no surprise that Caesars Global Life is heading this task.

Aside from Caesars Longmu Bay, the company also hopes to build 25 more casinos in and around China. With such an ambitious and expensive plan ahead of them, Caesars has partnered up with Guoxin Longmu Bay Investment Holding Co. to ensure that the vision comes to fruition. The project will cost billions of dollars so Guoxin Longmu Bay Investment Holding Co. will be of great help with the capital needed.

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Caesars Entertainment CEO Gary Loveman spoke about this company’s involvement by saying, “Caesars Palace Longmu Bay will set a global luxury standard in China and build a foundation for Caesars’ expansion throughout the Asia-Pacific region, where our brands and reputation are already our most valuable assets. We are very pleased to be working with Guoxin Longmu Bay Investment Holding Co. Ltd. on this landmark resort.”

Jiang Xushen, who is the Vice President of Guoxin Longmu Bay Investment Holding, also had great things to say about Caesars Entertainment as he stated, “Caesars Entertainment brings extensive experience in worldwide tourism, entertainment, hospitality and management. After significant research and rigorous evaluation, we selected Caesars Entertainment for all those reasons and are honored to partner with them to introduce Caesars Palace Longmu Bay.”

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