Bookmaker backtracks after refusing to pay Grandma’s Winning Bet

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Following the 2012 Summer Olympics, UK native Linda Aldred got a double dose of happiness. First off, her grandson, Sam Oldham, won a bronze medal in a gymnastics event. Secondly, she won a bet that hinged on Oldham winning a medal of any kind.

This wasn’t just any winning bet either since her £5 wager ($7.90) carried 200-to-1 odds. Talk about having faith in your grandson! Based on the long odds featured here, Aldred was due to receive a £1,000 ($1,580) payout. Unfortunately, it wasn’t exactly easy for the 66-year-old to collect her winnings.

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Following Oldham’s medal win, the sportsbook where she placed a wager – Betfred – was not willing to honor the winning bet because the bronze medal came in a team competition, rather than an individual event. Upon hearing the bad news, Aldred told the media, “I was stunned. I am really happy Sam won, it is more the principle than the money, but I could have used the winnings to pay for my ticket to see Sam at the 2016 Olympics in Rio.”

Assuming Betfred had stated that the medal had to come through an individual competition, this would be a closed case. However, Aldred showed a betting slip to the Thanet Times that proved there was no stipulation on how Oldham won his medal.

Taking this into account, Betfred reversed their original decision and chose to pay the grandma her money. Apparently, they didn’t want any more bad press after the stories that were already floating around. Betfred tweeted about the matter with the following:

It’s a long story, which isn’t fully covered in news on the web. Rest assured the Grandmother will be paid for her Olympic bet.

There’s been a lot of confusion, we loved the Olympics, the Grandmother who had her Olympic bet will get her money.

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