Blackjack Winner arrested after cashing out

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Mateen “Jay” Johnson was having a very good night at the blackjack tables after winning $2,500. Satisfied with his profits, Johnson went to cash his winnings out from the Philadelphia Park Racetrack & Casino. Unfortunately for him, the good luck would end here after casino workers found out that the 34-year-old was wanted on drug charges.

Altoona Detective Sgt. Troy Johannides explained the situation further by saying, “When they swiped his ID, it came back that he had a warrant and they called the police. He’s got an extensive criminal history and he’s looking at some significant time.”

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The current warrant out on Johnson is for distributing cocaine through a large network that’s allegedly based at a bar and grill in Altoona, Pennsylvania. Police mounted a case against “Jay” after he sold cocaine to an undercover police officer twice within a week. In addition to the current drug charges, Johnson has also been busted for assault and gun-related charges.

Based on his extensive criminal history, Mateen Johnson’s bail was set at $100,000. And as Johnson told police after being arrested, he had hoped to win enough money playing blackjack to turn himself in and make bail afterward. But while $2,500 is certainly a good night at the blackjack tables, it was around $97,500 short of what he needed for the bail money.

Seeing as how he can’t afford the six-figure bail, Johnson is now sitting in the Blair County Jail – probably wishing that he’d have played online blackjack instead. Since it will be a while before the Altoona native goes to trial, he won’t be able to use his $2,500 in blackjack winnings any time soon.

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