Blackjack Cheater Van Thu Tran to be on American Greed

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Van Thu Tran carved out quite a name for herself in the gaming world after leading a sophisticated blackjack cheating ring called the “Tran Organization” in the mid-2000s. The 45-year-old Vietnamese babe worked with her husband, Phuong Truong, and several other players to win millions of dollars from casinos. And now, the CNBC TV show American Greed wants to look back on their fascinating and immoral story in an upcoming Season 6 episode.

If you’re unfamiliar with American Greed, this weekly show focuses on stories of white collar crime and corporate scandals. Some of the common subject matter that they cover includes embezzlement, identity theft, insurance fraud, elaborate murders and money laundering. Now you’ll be able to add casino cheating to the mix when they cover Van Thu Tran’s story.

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Some of the specific topics that American Greed has hinted at discussing includes the exact process used to beat casinos out of millions of dollars, some of the lavish jewelry and car purchases made with winnings, and how the Tran Organization recruited family members to help them win.

As for the latter, American Greed commented on this through a preview of the episode by writing, “From the beginning the cheat is a family affair. The Trans recruit relatives and other dealers often down on their luck. The team takes a big risk … their jobs, criminal prosecution and prison sentences. But the trick is so easy and Tran members ask: ‘Who are we really hurting?'”

You can see the whole tale unfold on May 16th, 2012, when the Van Thu Tran episode airs on CNBC. And before you go trying to emulate their elaborate cheating scandal in casinos, keep in mind that Thu Tran and her associates were hit with multiple charges of conspiring to commit money laundering, steal money and property, and commit crimes against the United States.

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