Professional Sports Bettor Billy Walters to appear on 60 Minutes

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Billy Walters is one of the most successful sports bettors in history as he’s accumulated millions of dollars over the years. He’s also one of the most controversial sports bettors, which is a big reason why “60 Minutes” is going to profile him this Sunday at 7pm ET.

60 Minutes already has a preview up on their site that starts out by saying, “Being right on his football bets this Sunday morning added up to a lot of profit for Billy Walters…..some $300,000. Add in the game from the previous Thursday night, and he netted close to a million for the week. In Walters hillbilly speak, it was all chicken. His bets on college basketball were less successful”

The preview goes on to include Walters saying, “I didn’t fare too well with those (college basketball) games. Yesterday was a feather day as we refer to it in our household. It was feathers yesterday….there was no chicken. I had a pretty bad day, the net loss, I lost $257,200, and I could lose again today. I could lose again next week. I’ve had losing weeks and I’ve had losing months……never a losing year.”

The fact that Walters has never had a losing year sets him apart from the rest of the world. As respected Las Vegas oddsmaker Kenny White told 60 Minutes correspondent Lara Logan when asked if there was anyone like Walters, he said, “No one close. he’s a shark and a whale, he’s a great white. He’s the most dangerous sports bettor in the history of Nevada, the history of the world.”

The entire episode airs tonight, and it will be interesting to see if 60 Minutes goes into some of the more controversial aspects of Walters’ betting career. One of the most publicized is that Walters had owner Kenneth Weitzner place bets for him, which initially led to a lot of success for Weitzner. However, things went downhill for Weitzner when Walters’ picks caused him to lose almost $1 million. Eventually, Weitzner and his wife committed suicide.

It’s been said that Walters always has other people bet for him, and if they get out of control, he gives them bad picks. Many speculate that he did this to Weitzner, but it’s never been proven.

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