Bet Spreading foiled Ben Affleck’s Card Counting Efforts

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By far, the most interesting gambling-related story this week involves Ben Affleck getting caught counting cards at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. A source close to the famed actor recounted the incident by saying the following:

Security said, ‘We have to stop you because you are too good. The hotel was really nice. They told him he could play other games and ended up getting him and [wife] Jennifer [Garner] a car back to their hotel.

Affleck and Garner were in Las Vegas to enjoy themselves before the Oscar-winning actor heads to Detroit to begin shooting Batman vs. Superman. During the vacation, Affleck decided to put his card counting skills to good use on Hard Rock’s blackjack tables. While he did an excellent job at counting, the 41-year-old’s big downfall was in his bet spreading. Here’s an excerpt from the Vancouver Sun on where Affleck went wrong:

A warning circulated to other Las Vegas casinos on April 29 on a system known as the Surveillance Information Network, said Affleck was “suspected of advantage play,” according to Star magazine, which claimed to have obtained a copy of the warning.

A similar alert had also been issued days earlier, stating that Affleck had been spreading bets of up to $20,000 a time on “shoe games” of blackjack, according to the magazine. Shoe games involve as many as six decks of cards.

“Putting out a spread of that much is absolutely unheard of and absurd,” a Las Vegas insider told Star.

“While playing at a table, Ben was asked repeatedly to stop card counting. However, he would not stop. The casino staff told Ben that he was being too obvious.”

The Hard Rock staff asked Affleck not to play blackjack at their establishment any longer. But the casino did welcome he and his wife to play other casino games at Hard Rock any time they like.

This isn’t the first time that the Daredevil and Runner, Runner star has been involved in a gambling controversy. Back in 2011, Affleck was associated with a high stakes Hollywood poker ring that also included Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire. None of the players were accused of doing anything illegal, but they did have to pay back a portion for their winnings since a crooked, embezzling hedge fund manager named Bradley Ruderman was playing with them.

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