Ben Affleck Counting Cards from Vegas to Canada

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Exactly one month ago, Ben Affleck was kicked off the Hard Rock Casino blackjack tables for counting cards. As a Hard Rock employee told Affleck, he “was just too good” to play at their establishment. So what did he do after being booted from a prominent Vegas casino? According to Star Magazine, the famed actor picked up his chips and moved to a new area.

Affleck is currently in Detroit filming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. And when he’s not filming, rumor has it that the 41-year-old is hitting the local casinos quite frequently. “He’s here for hours on end and never leaves happy,” a source told Star regarding Affleck’s trips to the MotorCity Casino.

At least MotorCity will let him play blackjack. His trip across the border to nearby Caesars Windsor Hotel and Casino didn’t go very well. The Windsor staff allegedly noticed Affleck right away and identified him as an advantage player. “Ben sat down and played for roughly 20 minutes before security heard he was there,” a witness told Star. “They made the dealers stop what they were doing and asked him to leave.”

Apparently, Affleck is finding out what plenty of good card counters before him already know – casinos don’t like advantage players! But whether he’s making or losing money, it’s rumored that his wife, Jennifer Garner, isn’t happy either way.

She’s said to be angry about Affleck’s gambling forays and was embarrassed when he got kicked out of the Hard Rock. Now online tabloids like the Star are reporting that she’s getting fed up with her husband’s casino visits. Garner was rumored to be planning a family trip to Michigan to visit Affleck, but decided to cancel amid reports of more blackjack exploits.

Taking all of this into account, it’ll be interesting to see if we hear any more about Affleck playing blackjack or if he listens to Garner and slows down on the game.

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