Bellagio Casino Robbery goes Horribly Wrong

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Last year, a man named Anthony Carleo (a.k.a. the Bellagio Bandit) walked into the Bellagio Casino, held workers at gunpoint, and stole $1.5 million in chips. Fortunately, he was eventually arrested and sentenced to 3-11 years in prison, which put an end to this case. It now seems as if Las Vegas’ Bellagio is becoming a target after it was the site of another major robbery – only this time the criminals didn’t get away with any chips.

The attempted heist began when two disguised men went up to a high stakes blackjack table and sprayed the dealer and players with an eye-burning chemical. However, it wasn’t this simple as they kept having trouble getting the sprayer to work. Blackjack player Richard Hauck was there, and he described the follies by saying, “The guy kept spraying and the thing wouldn’t work said. The spray kept falling on the table..We didn’t know if the guy had a weapon.”

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Once the robber finally got the spray working, the other man took 23 chips that were valued at $5,000. The chips didn’t stay in his possession long after casino workers tackled him to the ground and jarred the chips lose. In seeing that his accomplice was taken down, the other robber bolted for the door and got away; police are still looking for him.

As for the chip stealer – Michael Q. Belton – he was taken into custody by police after being tackled by Bellagio workers. Following his arrest, Belton told the authorities everything he knew about the other man – including how they met through a Craiglist ad about a car repossession job.

Belton claims he was lured to Las Vegas under the false pretense that it was over a car repossession. The other robber didn’t tell Belton about the heist until they arrived in Vegas. Supposedly, Belton decided to go through with the robbery because his grandmother is ill and he needed money for her care.

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