Foolish Man robs Bellagio of $1.5 Million, may not see a Dime

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A man now labeled as the “Bellagio bandit” pulled off one of the biggest crimes in Las Vegas history when he held a Bellagio Casino craps table at gunpoint. The staff surrendered $1.5 million in chips before the robber made off on a motorcycle parked outside. And while some might think that the man got away with $1.5 million, the Bellagio top brass thinks differently.

That’s because many of the chips that the robber took were worth between $100 and $25,000. Since most casino visitors aren’t issued chips that are worth even $100, the Bellagio bandit will have an extremely difficult time cashing them in. In fact, the bandit has virtually no chance of redeeming the $25,000 chips because they are only given to high rollers in private settings.

Things only get worse for the robber since the Las Vegas police are putting a lot of effort into finding this man. The robbery pulled off at the Bellagio is very similar to one that occurred at the Suncoast Casino poker room one week earlier. The perpetrator in this instance also pulled up and left on a motorcycle after making off with $20,000 in cash. Lt. Clint Nichols told the Las Vegas Review Journal, “This is a high priority case, and we’re looking at everything.”

Perhaps there is more pressure on the Las Vegas PD than ever before with several robberies taking place in Sin City in the past two months. Poker pro Scott Montgomery was held at knife point in a Bellagio bathroom, and gave the robber $2,000. Another man was shot and killed in a Vegas casino bathroom during a robbery attempt. With the rash of recent casino robberies in Las Vegas lately, it’s no wonder why the police department is doing their best to bring down the Bellagio bandit.

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